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Information about search queries in the detailed search

In the detailed search you can search specifically for specific people, places or years in the corresponding fields:

  • Search in the “Author” field: Peter Winkler or Winkler, Peter or Winkler
  • Search in the Year field: for a single year: 1861 or for time periods: 1861-1865 or 1861 to 1865

Exception: The search in the "Title" and "All fields" fields is always carried out as a fuzzy search and therefore search results with similar words are also displayed.

Full-text search

The search in this field returns hits in full texts and content views as well as in the developed structural data of the digitized templates.

Search operators in general

  • A search in quotation marks ("") returns results for exactly this word sequence
  • A search in quotation marks and a final exclamation mark ("XX"!) finds exactly this letter sequence without any derived forms
  • A search in quotation marks and a trailing tilde/number ("XX"~X) finds the combination of words within a maximum of 5 words. Any number can be used
  • Automatic truncation takes place. Placeholder how? or * are not supported
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